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 Butt Naked 
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Post Butt Naked
Couple of years ago in Nth Qld was out detecting on a sunday and in summer time ,and there was this bloody horrible black grass seed ,around your knee , groin area in height and it penetrated everything ,your clothing , skin etc ,any way as I was packing up on dark to drive back home ,I'm pulling out some of these grass seeds ,so any way of I go ,but after a while ,some of these start to irritate the hell out of me , ( in the sensitive areas ) so bugger it , I wheels of the road and behind this council gravel stock pile along side the road ,pulls up and jumps out in front of the head lights ,pulls my shirt and shorts off ,and jocks ,and promptly prosceeds to pull out the offending grass seeds ,whilst swearing at this stuff ,meantime I got this horrible feeling ,like I was being watched !! but I was in hell of a rush and kept reassuring my self ,that rubbish ,no one could see me ,it was a sunday ,7-8 pm ,no traffic ,far Nth Qld ,no body around for miles ?!! any way finished ,got dressed and as I turned around to get back in my car ,there about 50-60 meters away , and out of the head lights glare , IN THE DARK , quietly sitting in there deck chairs ,having there evening drinks were two couples and their caravans , any way I stood there for a moment or two ,stunned and :oops: and did what any self respecting bushy would do ,gave a wave and yelled out G'day ,and promptly got back in my car and took off :-)

cheers hugh To Dig Or NOT To Dig

Sun May 24, 2015 1:38 pm

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Post Re: Butt Naked
At the end of your story, i was expecting you to say, there was a paddock full of cows watching you..
Not grey nomads
Thanks for the laugh


Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:14 pm

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Post Re: Butt Naked
Hehehe.. The buggars are everywhere. lol

Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:07 pm
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